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The dimensions shown here are for standard designed units. If the standard units do not fill your needs, please contact the factory for further information. We can supply custom designed vacuum lifting units plus semi and fully automatic transfer machines.

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3,000 Model

7,500 Model

15,000 Model

Below Hook Lifters

Vacuum Power Packs

Burgess Manfacturing Company Vacuum Powerpacks are fully self-contained requiring only electrical hookup. Built from high quality industrial components and designed to give years of dependable services, these units will be a welcome addition to your lifting applications.

Features Include: Special Features:
Red & Green Indicator Lights
Vacuum Gauge
Pushbutton Release
Hinged Side Panels for accessibility to interior
Electric Solenoid Valves
Built-in Reserve Tanks
Auto/Manual Switch
Vacuum will build to 24" H.G. and automatically shut off. If Vacuum falls below 22" H.G. unit will automatically restart.

For examples of Powerpacks built by Burgess Manfacturing Company please explore the links below:

Model Volt CFM Pump Load Capacity

115/1/60 5 3,000 lbs

220/1/60 5 3,000 lbs

115/1/60 10 7,500 lbs

220/1/60 10 7,500 lbs

220/440/3/60 10 7,500 lbs

115/1/60 21 15,000 lbs

220/1/60 21 15,000 lbs

220/440/3/60 21 15,000 lbs